Speer 9MM 147gr G2 Gold Dot in Clear Ballistics gel.

*Note* This test was conducted with Clear Ballistics Gel. Clear Ballistics is a synthetic gel and does not correlate with Organic gelatin like Vyse Ballistics gelatin.

This is the real deal new production 2016 Speer 9MM 147gr G2. It would appear that Speer has worked out their problems they had with this bullet when it first came out. I shot it out of a Glock 19 into the clear gel. It was shot it into the bare gel, heavy clothing, heavy denim, and a leather jacket.

The two rounds fired into bare gel had a velocity of 971 and 977fps and penetrated to 17 and 15.25 inches with an expansion of .633 and .635 inches.


The impact velocity into the heavy clothing was 970 and 974fps. Penetrating was 15 and 16 inches with an expansion of .653 and .647 inches.


I was pretty happy with the performance so a few days later I decided to try it out in the heavy denim. Most of the ammo I have tried have not done well in this test and the G2 was no exception. Both bullets passed completely through two 16 inch blocks of gel and were not recovered. The velocity of the two rounds was 980 and 976fps. I picked up an old leather jacket last month for $10 and gave the G2 a shot at it. The bullets had a velocity of 950 and 951fps. Penetration was 15 and 18 inches with an expanded diameter of .690 and .634 inches.


I later got around to trying the G2 Gold Dots in my Kahr MK9 with a three-inch barrel. Pretty inconsistent results. The round on the left had a velocity of 878fps and penetrated to 14.5 inches. The second round had a velocity of 886fps and penetrated to 16 inches. The final bullet on the right had a velocity of 878fps and completely penetrated the 16-inch block and had no expansion at all.


All in all, I would say they did pretty good. I’m not sure they are a big leap in performance considering there is ammo out there that will do this well already. I would have been more impressed if it had done well in the heavy denim and out of the three inch Kahr MK9.

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