Speer 9mm 147gr GDHP in Clear Ballistics gel.

The two bullets in bare gel both had a penetration of 15 inches with a velocity of 988 and 969fps. The expansion was also .57 inches each.


In heavy clothing, one bullet penetrated 17.5 inches, expanded to .55 and had a velocity of 983fps. The other one went to 18.5 inches, expanded to .54 inches with a velocity of 972fps.


Through my Kahr MK9 with a three inch barrel. Two rounds fired in bare gel. The first round had a velocity of 893fps penetrated 16 inches and expanded to .57 inches. Round number two also penetrated to 16 inches with a velocity of 876fps and expanded to .56 inches.


All six rounds tested from left to right. First two, bare gel from a Glock 19. Second two, heavy clothing from a Glock 19. And the last two from the Kahr MK9 into the bare gel.


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