American Gunner 9MM 124gr +P XTP in Clear Ballistics gel.

Hornady’s legendary XTP bullet loaded in the American Gunner line. IIRC I remember hearing about the XTP bullet in 1988 or 89. It was one of the first bullets developed to pass the new FBI’s ammo testing protocol. While a little dated it’s still a popular bullet loaded by several smaller companies as well as being available to individuals loading their own.

Hornady list the velocity out of a 4 inch barrel at 1175fps. I used a G17 with a 4.9 inch barrel. The first round fired into bare gel had an impact velocity of 1189fps and penetrated 16 inches of gel and expanded to .60 inches. The second bullet went through heavy clothing with a velocity of 1151fps, penetrated 21 inches and expanded to .46.


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