Speer 124gr +P GDHP in Clear Ballistics gel.

This is one I have been meaning to do for a while now since the Speer Gold Dot has been my carry load for some time. I change my test up now and I’m going to shoot two rounds into bare gel and two into heavy clothing. I actually did three into the heavy clothing this time just because. All shot with a Glock 19 at a distance of 10 feet. I got an incorrect reading from the chrony on the first shot but penetration in bear gel was 14 inches and expansion was .64 inch. Shot number two, also in bare gel, had a velocity of 1199fps and penetrated 14.5 inches and expanded to .64 inch also. The first round into heavy clothing had in impact velocity of 1187fps, penetration of 19.25 inches and expansion of .52. The second round hit at 1171fps, penetrated 17.25 inches, and expanded to .56 inch. The final shot into the heavy clothing had no chrony reading, penetrated 18 inches and expanded to .54 inch.


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