Winchester 9mm 115gr silvertip in Clear Ballistics gel.

The infamous Winchester silvertip of the 1986 FBI Miami shootout. The failure that started the search and development of modern wound ballistics and testing. The modern self-defense ammo we have today have been developed because of the standards set by the FBI and in their rigorous testing and evaluation.

Two rounds were used in this test. One shout into bare gel and one into heavy clothing. The pistol used was a Glock 19 with a 4.1 inch barrel.

The first round fired into bare gel had an impact velocity of 1112fps and penetrated 14 inches and expansion was .64 inches. The chrony didn’t pick up the round fired into the heavy clothing gel but it had penetration of 11.5 inches and expanded to .61 inches. Performance was just OK. The round fired into the clothing came in a little short of the 12 inch minimum. But when you consider the price of about a buck a round I have to wonder why, when there are much better performing rounds at half the cost.



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