.380 102gr BJHP Remington vs. Underwood in Clear Ballistics gel.

*Note* This test was conducted with Clear Ballistics Gel. Clear Ballistics is a synthetic gel and does not correlate with Organic gelatin like Vyse Ballistics gelatin.

Fired from a Ruger LCP with a 2.75-inch barrel into two 16in blocks of Clear Ballistics 10% gel.

First up the Remington offering. The average velocity of 840fps. The chrony did not register the velocity of the bullet fired into the bare gel but the bullet penetrated 9.5 inches and expanded to about .62 inches. The round fired through the heavy clothing had a velocity of 832fps and penetrated 19.75 inches with no expansion.


The Underwood 102gr +P had an average velocity of 972fps. The velocity of the round fired into the bare gel had an impact velocity of 954fps with 10 inches of penetration and about .66 inches of expansion. No velocity reading on the round into the heavy clothing but the penetration was 11.5 inches and expansion was also about .66 inches.


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