Federal 9mm 135gr Hydra-Shok Deep in Clear Ballistics Gel.

Test Gun: Sig P229, Beretta Nano.
Barrel length: 3.9, 3 inches.
Ammunition: Federal 9mm 135gr Hydra-Shok Deep.
Test media: 10% Clear Ballistics Gel.
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: PACT 1 XP with inferred sky screens.
Five shot velocity average: 1013fps
Gel Temperature 73 degrees.

*Note* This test was conducted with Clear Ballistics Gel. Clear Ballistics is a synthetic gel and does not correlate with Organic gelatin like Vyse Ballistics gelatin.

Back in September of this year, Federal introduced an updated version of their tried and true Hydra-Shok in 9mm, the Hydra-Shok Deep. Almost six months later it’s still not easy to find, but I was able to find a retailer that had some in stock and ordered a box. The box was about $20 before shipping and it came in a 20 round clear plastic box.

This load has a 135gr bullet and I got an average velocity of 1013fps with a high of 1033fps and a low of 995fps. This is not a +P load and recoil was moderate and shot to point of aim at 10 yards. I didn’t try it in the Nano for POI and velocity because I only had 20 rounds.

Five rounds at 10 yards offhand

The first round in the bare gel block hit with a velocity of 1023fps and penetrated to 17.5 inches with a recovered diameter of .55 inches.  The second round had a velocity of 1033fps, penetrated to 17.75 inches and expanded to .53 inches.

The clothing covered gel didn’t seem to have much effect on the performance of this bullet. Round one traveled at a velocity of 1045fps and expanded to .56 inches with a penetration of 17 inches. Round two did a little better penetrating to 18 inches, expanded to .58 inches with a lower velocity of 1026fps.

Out of the Nano, the bullets performed very well. Round one had a velocity of 1002fps, penetrated to 17.5 inches and expanded to .56 inches. Number two hit the block at 989fps and penetrated to 16.5 inches with an expansion of .55 inches.

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