Federal 10mm 180gr Hydra-Shok in Clear Ballistics Gel

Test Gun: Delta Elite
Barrel length: 5 inches.
Ammunition: Federal 10mm 180gr Hydra-Shok (P10HS1).
Test media: 10% Clear Ballistics Gel.
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: PACT 1 XP with inferred sky screens.
Five shot velocity average: 986fps
Gel Temperature 70 degrees.

*Note* This test was conducted with Clear Ballistics Gel. Clear Ballistics is a synthetic gel and does not correlate with Organic gelatin like Vyse Ballistics gelatin.

The latest installment in the 10mm is the Federal 180gr Hydra-Shok. I forgot to take a pic of the loaded ammo in front of the box and by the time I remembered I had shot up all the 20 rounds. I got an average velocity of 986fps with a high of 996 and a low of 980. I ended up shooting two five round groups at 10 yards because I lost the pic of the first five. Hence one of the reasons for running out of ammo for the box pic.

Five rounds at 10 yards offhand

The first round in bare gel had a velocity of 995fps but exited the block at the 15-inch mark and was found on the floor next to me. For some reason, it took a left turn in the block and lost a small piece of the jacket at the 10.5-inch mark. It expanded to .71 inches. Round two hit the block at 990 fps and also penetrated to 15 inches and expanded to .68 inches and stayed in the block. The third round (I wanted to catch two in the block) impacted at 981fps, it to penetrated to 15 inches with a recovered diameter of .69 inches.

In the heavy clothing covered gel the first round penetrated to 20.75 inches and expanded to .55 inches with a velocity of 1003fps. Number two went a little deeper at 22.5 inches and expanded to .58 inches with a velocity of 990fps.

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