Loose Rounds, Personal Protection Systems 100gr .45 ACP Maximum Major Cal In Clear Ballistics Gel

I bought this ammo in the late 80’s from a gun shop in Fayetteville, NC while stationed at Ft Bragg. It came in a bag of 5 or 6 and cost about $15 IIRC. Back then the rage in self-defense ammo was lightweight, high velocity, and rapid expansion/ fragmentation. Companies like Cor-Bon and Glaser made all the press in the popular magazines of the day. This round was made by a company called Personal Protection Systems and it promised high velocity of around 1600fps with expansion up to .80 inches and penetration of 6 to 8 inches! Wow, have times changed.

This round is a .45 ACP with a solid copper hollow point loaded on a nickel plated Remington case. The hollow point is covered with a polymer tip to aid in feeding and weighed 100 grains. When I shot this round it hit at a velocity of 1340fps and penetrated 9.5 inches. Recovered diameter was .60 inches. The plastic tip was not found and my guess is that it disintegrated on impact. Not very impressive and easily surpassed by what’s available today.

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