Armscor .50 AE 300gr GDHP in Clear Balistics Gel.

Test Gun: Magnum Research Desert Eagle.
Barrel length: 6 inches.
Ammunition: Armscor .50 AE 300gr GDHP .
Test media: 10% Clear Ballistics Gel. Distance: 10 feet. Chronograph:
Velocity: 1250 fps (Per Manufacturer).
Gel Temperature 70 degrees.

*Note* This test was conducted with Clear Ballistics Gel. Clear Ballistics is a synthetic gel and does not correlate with Organic gelatin like Vyse Ballistics gelatin.

I had some issues with the chronograph so I don’t have any velocity on this round but the factory claims 1250fps so we will just go with that. As you could image, a 300gr bullet at 1250fps has a pretty stout recoil but the heft of the Desert Eagle at almost four and a half pounds makes it enjoyable.

Five rounds at 10 yards

Last time I checked game animals are not wearing clothing so I just did two rounds in bare gel. Both rounds penetrated 22 inches of gel. The first round had a recovered diameter of .82 inches and the second came in at .81 inches. The recovered weight came in at 300.3 and 300.4 grains.

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