Winchester 9mm 147gr Defender/ Train & Defend in Clear Ballistics Gel.

Test Gun: Sig P229, Kahr MK9.
Barrel length: 3.9, 3 inches.
Ammunition: Winchester 147gr Defender Train & Defender.
Test media: 10% Clear Ballistics Gel.
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2.
Five shot velocity average: 906, 846 fps Defender / 909, 867 fps Train & Defend.
Gel Temperature 72 degrees.

*Note* This test was conducted with Clear Ballistics Gel. Clear Ballistics is a synthetic gel and does not correlate with Organic gelatin like Vyse Ballistics gelatin.

About two mounts ago Shooting the Bull announced the winner of the 9mm ammo quest and picked the Winchester 147gr Train and Defend. Shortly afterword I was in a Cabala’s and noticed they had both the Train and Defend as well as the their 147gr Defender. At the store I couldn’t remember which of the two he picked so I bought a box of each. Looking at the box’s the two looked identical aside from the difference in packing. The Defender did list a velocity of 1000fps as apposed to the Train and Defend at 950fps.

Examining the rounds side by side they look almost identical with maybe a small difference in the bullet when looking down into the hollowpoint.

Defender on the left and Train and Defend on the right.

Point of impact was very similar to each other also.

Defender at 10 yards from the Sig P229
Train and Defend at 10 yards from the Sig P229

Starting with the Defender, I got an average five velocity of 906fps with the P229 with a high of 933 and a low of 894fps. From the MK9 the average velocity was 846fps with a high of 858 and a low of 838fps.

With the Train and Defend the P229 the five shot average was 909fps with low of 925 and a low of 873fps. From the MK9 the average five shot velocity was 867fps with a high of 894 and a low of 836fps.

This is interesting because the Defender round is supposed to have a higher velocity then the Train and Defend by 50fps but came in lower from both the P229 and the Mk9. The Train and Defend had an average velocity 3fps higher in the P229 and 21fps higher from the MK9. Nether made the velocity calmed by Winchester.

Shooting the first round of the Defender into bare gel from the P229 the velocity was 911fps and penetrated to 19.5 inches. The recovered weight was 147.1 grains and it expanded to .54 inches. The second round hit the gel block at a velocity of 932fps and also penetrated to 19.5 inches. Recovered weight was 146.3 grains and it expanded to .53 inches.

Through the heavy clothing covered gel I didn’t get any velocity readings. The first round penetrated to 20.25 inches and expanded to .41 inches and had a recovered weight of 146.6 grains. The second round penetrated to 19.75 inches and weighted 146.6. When measured at the lead core of the bullet expansion was .49 inches. If measured at the largest point of the jacket “talons” it measured .63 inches.

Only one shot was taken from the Mk9 into the bare gel. It penetrated to 18.5 inches and expanded to .50 inches at the lead core and .68 when measured to the talons. Recovered weight was 146.6 grains and no velocity was recorded.

With the Train and Defend the first round from the P229, into the bare gel, had a velocity of 930fps and penetrated to 20.5 inches with an expansion of .56 inches. The recovered weight was 146.7 grains. The second round also penetrated to 20.5 inches and had a recovered weight of 146.8 grains. Expansion was .55 inches and velocity was 925fps.

Shooting the P229 through the heavy clothing the first round’s velocity was 937fps and it expanded to .53 inches. Recovered weight was 146.6 grains and penetration was 20.5 inches. Round two had a velocity of 918fps and penetrated to 21 inches. Recovered weight was 146.6 grains and expansion was .54 inches.

The one round through the MK9, into the bare gel had a velocity of 877fps and expanded to .41 inches when measured at the core, and .63 inches at the jacket. Penetration was 17 inches and recovered weight was 139.4 grains.

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  1. Winchester looks to have simply bonded using solder and they must have taken the Ranger-T Series projectile and simply “HOT” solder bonded it like the old bonded Golden Saber that was solder bonded also. I like it because sometimes the “claws” come apart and sometimes they stay bonded. Either way the core is also bonded in enough to stay put.


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