Federal .380 ACP 99gr HST in Clear Ballistics Gel.

Test Gun: Ruger LCP
Barrel length: 2.75 inches.
Ammunition: Federal .380 ACP 99gr HST.
Test media: 10% Clear Ballistics Gel.
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2.
Five shot velocity average: 967fps
Gel Temperature 70 degrees.

*Note* This test was conducted with Clear Ballistics Gel. Clear Ballistics is a synthetic gel and does not correlate with Organic gelatin like Vyse Ballistics gelatin.

Federal’s HST line is probably one of the most respected bullet designs for self-defense and with good reason. Across calibers, it shows to be at the top of the heap and often considered the “go-to” round.

Five rounds at five yards off hand

When fired into the bare gel the first round had a velocity of 988fps and penetrated to 11.5 inches. It’s recovered diameter was .62 inches and a recovered weight of 98 grains. The second round also penetrated to 11.5 inches with a velocity of 970fps. The bullet’s recovered weight was 97.9 grains and it expanded to .63 inches.

The first round fired into the heavy clothed gel had a velocity of 965fps and penetrated to a depth of 13 inches. It expanded to .60 inches and had a recovered weight of 98.9 grains. The second round hit the block at a velocity of 991fps and penetrated to 15 inches. The recovered weight was 99.1 grains and it expanded to .60 inches.

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