Underwood .45 ACP 200gr +P Bonded JHP in Vyse Ballistics Gel.

Test Gun: Colt 1911 Government, Defender.
Barrel length: 5 and 3 inches.
Ammunition: Underwood .45 ACP 200gr +P Bonded JHP.
Test media: 10% Vyse Ballistics Gel, Clear Ballistics Gel.
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2.
Five shot velocity average: 1069fps
BB Calibration: 4.0 inches.

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I don’t know how familiar you are with the importance of math but… Turns out sometimes it can be important, sometimes more than other times. Sometimes not very important, like when building a house. You know the old saying, cut twice measure once. Sometimes, like when landing a probe on Mars, everyone must use the same math, either metric or the imperial but not both. Mixing organic gel is somewhere in-between. Not as important as landing something on Mars but more important than building your house.

So you may ask where am I going with this. Well in my first test with the Vyse organic gel I mentioned that the blocks came out 5×6 inches instead of 6×6 inches as they should have. It turns out math was the problem, or should I say my employment of it. When converting the weight of the water needed, 18 pounds, to volume, I got it wrong and didn’t put enough water in the mix. This time I used a scale and weighed 18 pounds of water and marked the five-gallon bucket. I then put 120-degree water to the mark and mix in the gelatin. However after all that the block came out at 6×5.5 inches and calibration was over the 3.75 inch requirement by a quarter of an inch.

I also only made one gel block this time and will use a block of Clear gel as a backer block in case the rounds penetrate more than 16 inches. I also shot four rounds in some Clear Ballistics gel so we can do some more comparison of the two. This will also allow us to compare it to the last test of the Underwood 185gr +p.

I got a five-shot average from the 5 inch Government model of 1069fps. With a high of 1097fps and a low of 1029fps. This gave us an extreme spread of 68fps.

Starting with the bare Vyse organic ballistic gel the first shot, from the 5-inch 1911. The velocity was not recorded but it penetrated to 9.75 inches. It was recovered with an expansion of 1.10 inches and had a recovered weight of 200.9 grains. Round two hit the block at 1070fps and went to 12 inches. It’s recovered weight was 201.5 grains and it expanded to ..82 inches.

Now the two rounds in the bare Clear Ballistics gel. Round one had a velocity of 1123fps and penetrated to 11 inches. The recovered weight was 199.6 grains and its expansion was .96 inches. Number two penetrated to 13inches with a recovered weight of 198.3 grains. It’s recovered diameter was .80 inches and velocity was 1075fps.

Through the heavy clothing covered Vyse gel the first round penetrated to 12 inches with a velocity of 1078fps. The recovered weight of 201.9 grains and expansion of ..75 inches. Round two’s velocity was 1076fps and it penetrated to 13.5 inches. It’s recovered weight was 200.9 grains and it expanded to ..75 inches.

In contrast, shooting the Clear Ballistics covered gel penetrated to 15 inches. The recovered weight was 198.3 grains and the recovered diameter was .70 inches. No velocity was recorded. The second round had a velocity of 1077fps and it’s recovered diameter was ..73 inches. The recovered weight was 199.5 grains and it penetrated to 15 inches.

With the short-barreled Defender, in the bare Vyse gel, the first round had a velocity of 945fps and it penetrated to 12.5 inches. The recovered diameter was ..77 inches and it weighed 200 grains. The second round had a velocity of 957fps and it expanded to ..77 inches also. The recovered weight was 200.1 grains and it penetrated to 12 inches.

And finally the two rounds from the Defender in the bare Clear Ballistics gel. The first round velocity was 945fps and it went 14.25 inches into the block. The recovered weight was 199 grains and it expanded to ..75 inches. The last round’s velocity was not recorded. It penetrated to 13 inches. Its weight was 200 grains and it expanded to ..77 inches.

The trend of more penetration and less expansion continues with this test. Not as drastic as the 9mm Hydra-shok test however. This time the average penetration for all shots was in the Vyse organic gel was 11.95 inches and expansion was .82 inches. In the Clear Ballistics gel the average penetration was 13.5 and expansion was .785. In all shots the Clear gel had higher penetration and less expansion except for one shot with the Defender tying the second shot at .77 inches.

I was also able to get a decent picture of the top of the Vyse gel block. Top is the first round from the bare gel with the full size 1911. The second was from the Defender and the bottom was the first round in heavy clothing.

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