Federal .32 ACP 65gr Hydra-shok JHP in vyse ballistics gel

Test Gun: Beretta 70
Barrel length: 3.5 inches.
Ammunition: Federal .32 ACP 65gr Hydra-Shok JHP
Test media: 10% Vyse Ballistics Gel.
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2.
Five shot velocity average: 917fps.
BB Calibration: 4 inches.

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In this test, we take a look at Federals Hydra-Shok in .32 ACP. I was not able to test it in the clear gel, like the last two times, but maybe I will shoot them in some later and update this post. Like last time the BB calibration was at four inches. This is a little deeper then it should be but I can’t be sure if my air rifle is the problem or I’m not mixing the gel right. Without getting the velocity of the BB I just can’t say for sure.

I also shot two other rounds that I tested earlier. One round of the Cor Bon 60gr JHP and a round of the Hornady 60gr XTP. One round of each in the bare gel.

I got an average velocity of 917fps with a high of 957 and a low of 855 for an extreme spread of 102fps.

Five shots off hand at 5 yards

The chrony did not record the velocity of the first two rounds in the bare gel. The first round penetrated to 10 inches and has a recovered weight of 67.4 grains and expanded to .55 inches. Round two went a little more at 10.75 inches and expanded to .51 inches and had a recovered weight of 65 grains.

The first round fired through the heavy clothing had a velocity of 912fps and penetrated to 9.5 inches. The recovered weight was 65.7 grains and the expansion was .43 inches. The second round’s velocity was 937fps and it penetrated to 8.5 inches. The recovered weight was 66.3 grains and its diameter was .53 inches.

 And lastly the Cor Bon 60gr JHP. It had a velocity of 1134fps and penetrated to about 7 inches. I say about because the bullet completely came apart and the copper jacket base of the bullet went the farthest. I recovered all the pieces I could and only come up with about 20 grains of lead and jacket pieces. The Hornady had the deepest penetration of all the rounds tested at 11.25 inches. Just under the 12-inch minimum. The expansion was mild at .41 inches and the recovered weight was 59.3 grains. Unfortunately, the velocity was not recorded. You can find the Cor Bon test in the Clear Gel here and the Hornady here


  1. Kudos on your latest test! I have a beautiful M-70 I haven’t tried out yet, but I have a reliable history on the gun and know it works great. Every ammo test such as yours is “money in the bank” for me, so thanks very much for sharing your results. I’ve specifically wondered whether the SAAMI spec JHPs will expand reliably at their modest velocities, so it’s good to see that they’re functioning as designed. The adequacy of penetration remains a question mark for CC purposes, of course, which each user must resolve for himself. One thing is certain, however: if a JHP won’t expand, it’s a waste of $$$ and the question of JHP vs. FMJ is moot.


  2. I wish that somebody would factory load the .309″ diameter Hornady 90-grain XTP bullet in the .32 Auto with 3 grains of AutoComp. In my Beretta 81 pistol with 3.8″ barrel velocity is 940 fps from its 3.8″ barrel, which approximates .380 ACP energy. Bullet expands to about .40 in water jugs and it gives good penetration. Using an open source terminal ballistics modelling program it it predicted to give 18 inches penetration in 10% ordnance gelatin and displace 26 grams of wound pass per the MacPhearson WTI model and deposit 186 ft-lbs. in the first 12 inches of gelatin penetration, out performing many .380 ACP personal defense loads.

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    1. That load would be a daisy!!! Have you tried contacting Underwood Ammo? They load XTPs as one of their high velocity, conventional bullet offerings in many other calibers. Currently their only .32 ACP offerings are with Lehigh bullets, so maybe they’d be open to your suggestion. They expressed potential interest in my suggestion for a .38 S&W wadcutter load a while back, but I have no idea if they followed up on the idea.


  3. I contacted Underwood and forwarded my test data. The recipient of my email said they would forward the info to their development staff for consideration.

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  4. Underwood really probably would load that 90 grain XTP .32 ACP load. I love their hot ammo but it’s iffy in some guns and always make me cringe a tad when using it in a plastic gun like my XDS 4″ inch .45 ACP. I’ve replicated the 200 grain GDHP +P 1.200 OAL in Winchester Brass. It’s not as fast as the underwood ammo but 925-940 FPS is about the MAX I can push from 4″ inch barrel on my guns. I don’t have any 5″ inch guns to test with currently on hand. I did play around with the OAL and tried with 1.190 OAL and it burned cleaner then the 1.200 OAL loads and no PSI signs to speak of but damn that flash and bang is crazy compared to a factory load like Ranger T 230 grain. Shooting the Ranger 230 grain 45’s is like a little pop gun compared to the Longshot reload. Good hunting load but piss poor for night time home defense or street credit. Might scare the hell out of thugs thinking you have a larger caliber .50 GI or something on hand rather then .45 ACP.


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