Federal 10mm 200gr HST in vyse ballistics gel.

Test Gun: Glock 20.
Barrel length: 4.6 Inches.
Ammunition: Federal 10mm 200gr HST.
Test media: 10% Vyse Ballistics Gel.
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2.
Five shot velocity average: 1078fps
BB Calibration: 3.75inches

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You are out looking for your trophy Elk like you do every year at this time. You have been out all day, aside from the short nap you took a few hours ago. But its getting late and you don’t want to track out the woods in complete darkness. So you make your way back to your truck and think of what you will have for dinner. You and your friends have been camping for five days now and the picking are getting slim. More than likely it will be Hotdogs and whatever you find at the bottom of the cold watery cooler.

You remember a small town not too far out the way and it has a Chick-fil-A. A spice chicken sandwich sounds good right now. After getting to your truck you unload your .300 Win Mag and take off your pack. You are about to take off your Glock 20 when you decide it may be a good idea to keep it on. You remember the story of a murder that happened in the town, once. You decide to take the chance and begin the journey to town. You think to yourself a Glock 20 should be more than enough for a Chick-fil-A drive-through.

As you dive there, desperately trying to find something on the radio other then NPR, you come to the realization that you are loaded up with some 220gr hard cast bear loads. Luckily you pick up a box of Federal 200gr HST’s for Midway at the COVID/riot price of $31.99 for a box of 20 and free shipping. You pull over and remove the magazine and rack the slide ejecting the live round on to the floor of the truck to be latter found by the next owner. You insert the magazine with 15 rounds of the HST’s and drop the slide chambering the round. You feel confident as you pull into the parking lot but then, with the realization that it’s Sunday. Damn, Hotdogs again.

In this test, I introduce my new to me Glock 20 SF. I had a Glock 21 years ago but never got used to the large grip. I was hoping the SF would be a better fit and it is. It’s still not the best but I think the advantages make up for it. To be completely honest I never warmed up to the 1911 10mm. Odd since I like the 1911 platform.

The HST is a round I have wanted to try for some time now and I through it in my Midway order. Yes, it was $31.99, ouch.

I got a five shot average from the Glock 20 of 1078fps with a high of 1088fps and a low of 1065fps and an extreme spread of 23fps.

Five found off hand at 10 yards.

The first round had a velocity of 1048fps. The recovered diameter was .80 inches and the weight was 200.1 grains. No velocity was recorded for the second round. The recovered weight was 200.5 grains and it expanded to .76 inches.
I only made one block of Vyse gel and used a Clear Ballistics gel block a backer. Both rounds penetrated the 16 inches Vyse block and bounced off the Clear Ballistics block and landed on the floor. So I will give them both 16+ inches of penetration

Through the heavy clothing, both rounds penetrated the 16 inch Vyse gel block and went 2 inches in the Clear gel block. The first round had a velocity of 1093fps and expanded to .67 inches and a recovered weight of 200.3 grains. No velocity was recorded with the second round. It expanded to .66 inches and had a recovered weight of 200.6 grains.

Top round bare gel. Bottom round heavy clothing.

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