Remington .380 acp 102gr golden Saber IN Vyes BALLISTICS GEL

Test Gun: Ruger LCP
Barrel length: 2.75 inches.
Ammunition: Remington .380 ACP 102gr Golden Saber
Test media: 10% Vyse Ballistics Gel.
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2.
Five shot velocity average: 821fps
BB Calibration: 3.75 inches.

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With a week before the election, it is almost impossible to find .380 ammo. In fact taking a quick look at several of the popular ammo retailers, I could not find any at this time. However, I had some Remington Golden Sabers I had purchased a few years ago and thought it would be interesting to compare in some Vyse organic gel. I did a test in clear gel early on but it was somewhat limited.  I had some issues and didn’t get a video shooting the block. I also was not able to get impact velocity on the gel shots.  

I got a five shot average velocity of 821fps with a high of 860fps and a low 777fps giving me an extreme spread of 83fps.

Five rounds offhand at 5 yards.

Round one from the LCP penetrated to 10 inches and expanded to .64 inches. The recovered weight of 101.6 grains. The second round went to 9.5 inches in the block and expanded to .69 inches. The recovered weight was 102.2 grains.  

When fired through the heavy clothing the first round penetrated to 15 inches and had a recovered weight of 102.6 grains. The bullet had incomplete expansion on one side of the bullet to .45 inches. The second round did not expand at all and penetrated the complete 16 inches of the Vyse gel block then one inch into the Clear Gel backer block. It’s recovered weight was 101.9 grains.    

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