Winchester 9mm 124gr +P Hex-Vent IN VYSE BALLISTIC GEL.

Test Gun: Sig P320, P365
Barrel length: 3.9, 3 inches.
Ammunition: Winchester USA Ready Defense Ammunition 9mm Luger +P 124 Grain Hex-Vent Jacketed Hollow Point (RED9HP)
Test media: 10% Vyse Ballistics Gel
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2.
Five shot velocity average: 1201, 1139 fps
BB Calibration: 3.25 inches.

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Introduced last year, the new Winchester USA Ready Defense Hex-Vent seems to be the newest of the pre-filled hollow point bullets designed to help ensure expansion when fired through barriers. According to Winchester the Hex-Vent rigid insert “Shields hollow point from obstruction while channeling material flow for positive bullet expansion”. There is a web lint on the box that will give you the velocity and pressure info on the lot of you have. However it didn’t appear to be working when I tried.

I got an average 5 shot velocity of 1201fpsout to of the P320 with a high of 1222 and a low of 1189fps. Out of the P365 the average velocity was 1139fps with a high of 1152 and a low of 1129fps.  

Five rounds at 10 yards off hand

Shooting the P320 the first round had a velocity of 1235fps and penetrated to 15 inches. Expansion at the widest point, the jacket pedal was sticking out, was .666 inches and .51 at the smallest point. Recovered weight was 101.6 grains. The second round hit the block at a velocity of 1196fps and penetrated to 13.75 inches. The recovered weight was 109 grains and it’s expansion was .63 by .52 inches.

Through the clothing covered gel the first round has a velocity of 1173fps and penetrated to 13 inches. Expansion was .63 by .57 inches with a recovered weight of 122 grains. round two’s velocity was 1190fps and it’s penetration was 12.5 inches. It’s recovered weight was 121.8 grains with an expansion was .61 by .59 inches.

Shooting the subcompact P365 into bare gel the first round’s velocity was 1156fps with a penetration was 14 inches. The projectile expanded to .57 by .54 inches and the recovered weight was 106.2 grains. The last round has a velocity of 1132fps and penetrated to 13.5 inches. Recovered weight was 103.2 grains with an expansion of .60 by .54 inches.

From top to bottom: First shot from the P320 in bare gel, P365, P320 bare gel, and P365.
First and second rounds with the P320 through heavy clothing.


  1. Thank you for testing this round. It is really great to see it in VYSE. My own tests in Clear Ballistics Gel are inconsistent, especially in compact (3 inch) barrel pistols through 4 layers of denim.


  2. Hmm. When TNoutdoors9 tested these he found that, at least with the batch he bought and the gelatin he was using, they were overexpanding to the point of nearly coming apart and only getting to around 9″ in gelatin. But your test results are more in line with those other people are getting, so maybe the jackets were unusually thin on the ones he got. I had been rather hesitant to recommend these to people searching for appropriate 9mm defensive ammo.


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