Speer .38 Spl 135gr Gold Dot +P in Vyse Ballistics Gel

Test Gun: S&W M442
Barrel length: 1 7/8 inches.
Ammunition: Speer .38 Spl 135gr Gold Dot +P (53925)
Test media: 10% Vyse Ballistics Gel
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2.
Five shot velocity average: 848fps
BB Calibration: 4 inches.

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I tested this load some time ago in Clear Ballistics gel and have since removed that post. I will post the results of that test at the bottom so you can compare. I’m also doing a side-by-side test of this load using some Knox brand store bought gel and I will post the results of that test soon.

The gel block calibrated to 4 inches again which is higher than the 3.75 max and may explain why the rounds went a little deeper than I thought they would. I’m not sure if it’s my BB gun or the gel block but I also shot the Knox block right after and it calibrated just under 3.75 and you will see in my next post that the rounds went just a little shorter.

Link to Knox gel test:


I got a three-shot average (because of chronograph issues) of 848fps with a low of 828 and a high of 874fps.

Five rounds at 10 yards off hand

As normal the first shot in the bare gel has a velocity of 867fps but exited the top of the block at 14 inches. The bullet was found on the floor about 6 feet back. It’s retained weight was 134 grains and it expanded to .56 by .55 inches.

Number two penetrated to 13.75 inches and had a velocity of 874fps. It expanded to .56 by .56 inches, and it’s recovered weight was 135.9 grains.

Now for the heavy clothing test. The first round’s velocity was 838fps and it expanded to .57 by .54 inches. Recovered weight was 134.6 grains and it came to rest at 14.5 inches.

The second round traveled 13.75 inches in the block. Recovered expansion was .57 by .56 inches and its weight was 134.6 grains. The chrony did not pick up the velocity.

If we compare this test with the clear gel test I did previously we actually increased penetration. In this test we got an average depth of 14 inches for the four shots. In the clear gel the average was about 13.5 inches. Normally clear gel gives more penetration and less expansion. I will cover more in the next post.

The first round into bare gel penetrated to 13.25 inches and expanded to .57 inches. Round two penetrated to 13.5 inches and expanded to .57 inches also.

In the heavy clothing gel the first round penetrated to 13.5 inches and expanded to .56 inches. Round two went to 14 inches and also expanded to .56 inches.

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