Underwood .380 ACP 100gr +P Hard Cast in Clear Ballistics Gel.

Test Gun: Ruger LCP
Barrel length: 2.75 inches.
Ammunition: Underwood .380 ACP 100gr +P Hard Cast (Item 729)
Test media: Clear Ballistics Gel
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2.
Five shot velocity average: 1021fps

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Your friend Paul comes over on his way home from work and the two of you start chatting about the weekend. You invite him and his family to go camping with you. The two of you and your family get along well, and his wife is super hot. 

He thinks that is a great idea and accepts your offer. You decide you should tell him about Bunyan and let him know you are bringing a revolver just in case, and ask him if he has something he could bring. He informs you that all he has is his Ruger LCP in .380 and ask you if you think that will be enough. You tell him about your co-worker’s advice and take a look at the Underwood sight.    

Fallowing on the heels of the .38 Underwood Hard Cast load, I thought it would be interesting to see how low we can go and how well it would perform. We may be bordering on the ridicules, the idea of using a .380 as a filed pistol, but there is at least one case of a woman in Alaska doing just that.


 In the article, she describes how a moose attacked her and her dogs and she unloaded her .380 to no effect. The article doesn’t say what make of gun or ammo was, but that she was carrying it for personal protection, so more than likely some form of hollow points would be my guess. After reading about that, I thought about the Underwood offering and how it may perform in that situation. 


I got a five shot average of 1021fps with a high of 1043 and a low of 1002fps for an extreme spread of 41fps. The point of aim, point of impact was good. As you can image, recoil was snappy but much less harsh than the .38 load shot last week.   

Five shot off hand at 10 yards

I set up three blocks of Clear Ballistics Gel, I was pretty sure four blocks were not necessary. My suspicions proved to be correct, as the first round penetrated 32.5 inches, just poking into the third block. Its velocity was 1002fps, the lowest of the five shots. The second shot exited the second block about midway but had a velocity of 1029fps. Shot number three had a velocity of 1023fps and went 20 inches. Round number four penetrated 31 inches with a velocity of 1008fps. The final shot had the highest velocity of 1043fps and penetrated to 30.5 inches. there was no expansion and all bullets retained 100% of their weight.

In conclusion, this round performed about how I expected it would. I’m not sure if it would be my first choice against moose, but with proper shot placement it may do the job in a pinch. 

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