Underwood .45 ACP 230gr +P Bonded JHP in Vyse Ballistics Gel

Test Gun: Colt 1911 Government, Officer’s.
Barrel length: 5 and 3.5 inches.
Ammunition: Underwood .45 ACP 230gr +P Bonded JHP (Item 336).
Test media: 10% Vyse Ballistics Gel.
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2.
Five shot velocity average: 974fps, 876fps
BB Calibration: 3.5 inches.

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With the 1911 full size, I got an average velocity of 974fps, with a high of 988 and a low of 960fps. Giving me an extreme spread of 28fps. Out of the Officer’s size, the average was 876fps with a high of 886 and a low of 871fps and an extreme of 15fps.

Five rounds offhand at ten yards, 1911 full size

Shooting bare gel, the first round’s velocity was not recorded. The bullet penetrated to 15.5 inches, with a recovered weight of 230.1 grains. Expansion at the largest part was .83 inches by . The largest measurement was  where the jacket was sticking out from the main portion of the bullet. 

Round two hit the block at 975fps and went 14.75 inches. Its expansion was .74 inches by .72 inches, and the recovered weight was 230 grains.

I was not able to get velocity with either round when shooting through the clothing covered gel. The first round exited the side block at 10 inches and was recovered on the floor. It still expanded to .74 by .72 inches and had a recovered weight of 230.3 grains.

Round two stayed in the block and made it to the 14.5 inch mark. It expanded to .77 by .74 inches and the recovered weight was 230.4 grains.

From the shorter Officer’s size pistol in the bare gel, the first round had a velocity of 863fps and penetrated to 13.25 inches. Recovered weight was 229.3 grains, and it expanded to .75 by .74 inches.

The second round out of the shorter pistol penetrated to 13.25 inches with a velocity of 896fps. Its expansion was .75 by .73 inches, and the recovered weight was 230 grains. 

Something I noticed from the first round was the jacket and lead was separating. I don’t remember seeing that before.

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