Underwood 9mm 124gr JHP in Vyse Ballistics Gel.

Test Gun: Sig P229, P365
Barrel length: 3.9, 3 inches.
Ammunition: Underwood 9MM 124gr JHP (ITEM 114)
Test media: 10% Vyse Ballistics Gel
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2.
Velocity average: N/A
BB Calibration: 3.75 inches.

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After my last test of the Underwood .45 ACP using the Gold Dot bullet, it was pointed out to me that that loading was now discontinued. I had bought that ammo some time ago and finally got a round to trying it out. After looking at Underwood’s sight, I noticed they had moved away from the Gold Dot bullet to a new bonded round.  

Looking at the Underwood website, it appears that they switched to Barry’s Hybrid hollow point bullet as their replacement. I was involved in some informal testing of this bullet, in 9MM, when it first came out and was less than impressed with its performance. Large expansion, shallow penetration, and clogging when going through heavy clothing. However, this was shot in clear gel, not Vyes 250A ballistics gel, and it was when they first came out, so it’s possible they have improved since then. 

I ordered two boxes of ammo from Underwood using this bullet. Their 124gr 9MM JHP and their 230gr .45 ACP JHP.  I decided to test the 9MM first since I could compare its performance to the past test.  

Five rounds offhand at 10 yards P229

The first round in bare gel had a velocity of 1125fps. The round hit a little higher than I wanted in the block. The bullet fragmented at about the 6 inch mark where the main portion of the bullet veered off to the left and exited the top of the block at about the 11 inch mark and was not recovered. However, the fragments from the bullet continued on straight path and penetrated about another inch and a half. The weight of the fragments was 47 grains.   

The second round in the bare gel penetrated to 11 inches sheading two pieces of fragments at 5.75 and 6.75 inches. The main portion of the bullet has a recovered weight of 93 grains, the two fragments had a total weight of 32 grains. Expansion of the main portion of the bullet was .65 inches at its widest point. No velocity was recorded.

A third round was fired into the bare gel at a velocity of 1034fps. It expanded to .91 by .63 inches and the recovered weight of 115 grains with a small portion of the bullet detached and recovered next to the main portion. Total penetration of 10.25 inches.     

Through the heavy clothing the first round hit the block at 1108fps and penetrated to 9 inches. Recovered weight was 123.9 grains and it expanded to .91 by .68 inches

Round two has a velocity of 1115fps and penetrated to 10.5 inches. It’s recovered weight was 124 grains and it expanded to .75 by .74 inches.

Out of the P365 in bare gel the first round had a velocity of 1069fps and it penetrated to 8.5 inches. It’s expansion was .94 by .85 inches and the recovered weight was 124 grains.

Finally, the last round hit the block at 1048fps and expanded to .84 by .74 inches. Total penetration was 9 inches and recovered weight was 124 grains.


  1. Those are very interesting results. Thank you for testing them. I have personally tested the Underwood 115 grain plus p and 124 grain plus p using the Nosler jacketed hollow point bullet. I’ve tested them and clear ballistics gel with four layers of denim and they expand and penetrate to about 15 in and hold together well. My opinion is it appeared to be a superior offering to the one with Berry’s bullet


      1. Regular sporting bullet. I’ve tested the ASP recently also and if i believe the results were similar to the sporting bullet but cannot be sure. My record keeping has not been as good the past few.months because my home is being remodeled.


      2. Max, i found the Asp bullet, shot through 4 layers of denim into Clear Ballistics gel from my Taurus GX4. It expanded to over 0.60″ and penetrated 16.5″.
        I also found the results of testing tbe underwood 147 gr jhp +p load. It expand from the GX4 and penetrated 18″ at 1043 fps. From my G17L with 6.5″ bbl it expanded, almost completely flattening and penetrated 13″. Velocity was 1243fps. I assume they were the Nosler target and sporting bullet. In my limited testing they appear to be a great choice.


      3. Thanks for the info. This ASP bullet came in under my radar, and it looks like it came out early this year, and Nosler started loading it in their ammo in August. I image it will replace their sporting bullet line.


      4. The Underwood website lists the 147 gr jhp +P as the Nosler ASP now. The loads i bought were 8 months or longer ago so i do not know if they were the ASP. To clarify, the 115 gr ASP load i tested was Nosler”s own.


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