.30 Super Carry

Yes, I did it. I bought a Smith and Wesson Shield Plus in .30 Supper Carry. I’m not completely sure why. I still don’t think this caliber will be very popular and will more than likely end up much like the .327 Federal or, God forbid, the .45 GAP!

But a few people asked for it, and I was a bit curious myself. So, I purchased a Shield Plus and a variety ammo. I ended up with a box of some Remington UMC 100gr FMJ, and some Federal American Eagle 100gr FMJ. I also picked up a box of Federal 100gr HST, Remington 100gr JHP, and Speer 115gr Gold Dot for gel testing. 

My plan is to conduct the first test next week. But what round should I test first? Post in the commits below and let me know which one you would like to see tested first.


  1. Would love to get your take on the defensive ammunition for this round. Like you, I am not sure it will last as a commercially viable round, but have hopes for it. If it does work out, it’d be pretty ideal for my current use case.


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