Federal .30 Super Carry 100gr HST in Vyse Ballistics Gel.

Test Gun: Smith & Wesson Shield Plus.
Barrel length: 3.1 inches.
Ammunition: Federal .30 Super Carry 100gr HST (P30HST1S)
Test media: 10% Vyse Ballistics Gel.
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2.
Five shot velocity average: 1160fps
BB Calibration two shots: 3.6 inches, 580fps and 3.6 inches, 583fps.

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Ok, finally it’s here. The first test with the .30 Super Carry. In this test, I shot Federal’s HST, since the only comment I got in my last post was asking for that round to be tested first. So let’s see how it performs.

Offhand at 10 yards, the pistol is shooting a bit to the left do to the front sight being a little to the right. Otherwise, it seems to shoot decently. I got a five shot average of 1160fps with a high of 1170fps and a low of 1154fps, giving an extreme spread of 16fps. 

The first shot hit the block with a velocity of 1203fps and penetrated to 12.75 inches. Recovered weight of 99.7 grains and expanded to .68 by .59 inches. 

No velocity was recorded on the second round. It expanded to .61 by .50 inches and penetrated to 15 inches. Recovered weight was 96.3 grains.      

Now through the heavy clothing. Round one penetrated 15.5 inches with a recovered weight of 99.3 grains, and a recovered diameter of .55 by .50 inches. No velocity was recorded.

Round two hit the block at a velocity of 1181fps and also penetrated to 15.5 inches. It’s recovered weight was 99 grains, and it expanded to .57 by .51 inches. 

Tell me what you think in the commits below and which one should be tested next. The Remington 100gr HTP, or the Speer 125gr Gold Dot.

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  1. I carry this in my 30 Super Carry Shield Plus, the gun shoots very well and has a great trigger. Having 14-17rds on tap is really good too. To me recoil is very similar to 9mm, maybe a bit less but not much. Ammo can be had online for a decent price, not as cheap as 9mm, but nothing is.


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