Why I still use Clear Gel for field loads

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There appears to be confusion about why I use clear gel instead of 250A gelatin for field load testing. These tests are not meant to be used as a way to judge whether the load tested would be a good traditional carry load. The intent is to evaluate the penetration potential of the bullet and compare it with my other test.

Clear gel is a fairly consistent medium and not representative of anything else. I’m not trying to replicate or compare it to game, dangerous animals, 250A gel, or ectoplasm. I advise people not to make conclusions about the suitability of the loading for self-defense based on these tests. 

The cost is the main reason for using Clear Gel. I often need several blocks of gel to conduct a test. The cost of four 250A gel blocks just to test three to four rounds would be cost prohibited. Additionally, I am only able to make two 250A gel blocks at a time.

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