Speer .30 Super Carry 115gr Gold Dot in 250A Gel.

Test Gun: Smith & Wesson Shield Plus.
Barrel length: 3.1 inches.
Ammunition: Speer .30 Super Carry 115gr Gold Dot (24261GD0)
Test media: 10% 250A Organic Gelatin.
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2.
Five shot velocity average: 1055fps
BB Calibration two shots: 3.73 inches at 584 fps and 3.63 inches at 569 fps.

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The vote returned on what .30 Super Carry should be tested next, and it was unanimous. Both votes were for the Speer 115gr Gold Dot. So, this is what was tested this time. The next .30 caliber SC will be either the Remington 100 HTP or the Hornady 100 gr FTX.  Please leave a comment on which one you would like to see next. 

In order to evaluate its usefulness as a test medium, I also used the WinCrest 250A gel in this test. I slowed down the mixing speed in an attempt to reduce foaming. Unfortunately, it foamed up and didn’t mix as I had hoped. I also added 2.5 cc of dimethicone to serve as an anti-foaming agent, but it seemed to have no effect.  It did calibrate, but only barely. 

I achieved a five shot average of 1055 fps with a high of 1064 fps and a low of 1045 fps, giving an extreme spread of 20 fps. At 10 yards the load was shooting a little to the left but otherwise pretty good.  

When shooting into the bare gel, the first round had a velocity, of1091 feet per second. It penetrated to 15.5 inches (39.37 cm) and the recovered weight was 115.1 grains. Expansion was 0.56 inches (14.22 mm) by 0.51 inches (12.95 mm).

The second round hit the block at 1099 fps and penetrated to 15.25 inches (38.73 cm). The bullet expanded to 0.56 inches (14.22 mm) by 0.51 inches (12.95 mm) and had a recovered weight of 114.7 grains.

With heavy clothing, the velocity of the first round was 1081 fps, and it went all the way to 16 inches (40.64 cm). Recovered weight was 114.3 grains and expansion was 0.56 inches (14.22 mm) by 0.51 inches (12.95 mm). 

The second round had a velocity of 1079 fps and also went 16 inches (40.64 cm) into the block.  The recovered weight was 114.7 grains and also expanded to 0.56 inches (14.22 mm) by 0.51 inches (12.95 mm).  

Yes, they all had a recovered expansion of 0.56 inches (14.22 mm) by 0.51 inches (12.95 mm). I was also surprised.  


  1. Certainly seems to have plenty of potential to be an effective load, doesn’t it? Much along the lines of a 9mmP. So much so, however, that I wonder about the utility of the 30 Super Carry. Free recoil should be much the same as a 9mmP…how would you assess flash, blast, and felt recoil compared to a 9mm?


  2. Good work! So far, it seems the Gold Dot is the best of the 30. SC bullets. My vote for the next load to test is the Hornady load. I have not been impressed with the Remington HTTP in any other cartridge. They just dont expand.


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