No, my name is not really Max Expansion. I just thought it would be a funny name for an author.

I have been interested in firearms and ammunition ever since I was a kid. I started shooting ammo into clay blocks and then water filled zip lock bags but about a year ago a friend and I bought some Clear Ballistics gel blocks. It’s really only for fun and to satisfy our curiosity. At first, it was just blasting rounds into blocks to see what they would do. I wasn’t really recording what I was doing and it wasn’t long before I had a pile of bullets and couldn’t remember how they did.
I had the idea to start posting on AR15.com and then subscribe to the thread so I could refer back to it. The problem was, my threads started disappearing. So the bright idea to start this blog came to me.
The purpose of this blog is so I can have a convenient way to refer back to my test whenever I needed to. I saw it as one place I could access the info easily from anywhere at any time.
I don’t consider myself a writer, so you may find my post short and lacking a lot of info and detail because I just don’t think of putting it in.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Any comments and suggestions are also welcomed. Just go to my contact page.